Criminal Law and OWI

Your personal liberty is one of the most important parts of your
life.  If you are facing criminal charges, you need someone with
experience to help you.  I have handled cases from the
simplest traffic violation to major felony crimes.  This
experience is both as a former deputy prosecutor and a
defense attorney.  Due to the fact that I have tried all types of
cases from both traffic violations all the way up to A felonies
from both sides, I understand the process thoroughly.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to negotiate an agreement
with the prosecutor, and sometimes the best thing to do is fight
the charges tooth and nail.  I will do both for you.  We can sit
down and discuss the evidence against you and all your
options to come up with a solution that fits you best.  

Operating While Intoxicated cases are some of the most
technically complicated criminal cases.  It is important that your
attorney has experience with field sobriety tests, certified
breath tests, and constitutional suppression issues.  I do.  
Between getting your license back and defending your rights, it
is important to have an attorney experienced in this field.

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