Family Law/Divorce

Divorce and child support issues are very sensitive matters.  I recognize this
and try to handle every situation with the utmost integrity, honesty, and
compassion.  I listen to all my clients to understand their goals and figure
out a solution that suits them best.  I can help if you need help in any of the
following situations:
•        Contested and non-contested divorce
•        Proper division of marital property
•        Child custody
•        Adoption
•        Emancipation
•        Premarital and postnuptial agreements
•        Post-dissolution child support
•        Non-custodial visitation

I have experience with business and real estate values as well as family law
experience.  I use this to fully understand your marital assets.  I am ready to
sit down with you and explain from start to finish how the process will work.  

Contact me to receive a free consultation to determine what is best for you.  
Divorce is one of the most difficult and life changing situations people
experience.  The experience goes so much past the legal proceedings.  I will
provide the personal touch to aid you in this difficult process.

If your child’s parent is not paying the proper amount of child care, I can
help.  Whether the other parent simply is not paying or that person is paying
below what is proper for that person’s income level, I can help.  I have
experience in garnishments, child support modifications, and other legal
matters to help you get what you deserve to properly support your child.

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