Medical and Professional Licensing

Your medical or professional license is your career and your livelihood.  Complaints
against your license can jeopardize your license and your ability to do the things you
really enjoy.  Don’t let this happen to you.  I represent professionals in all licensing
professions.  This includes
•        Nurses                
•        Appraisers
•        Doctors
•        Real Estate Agents
•        Respiratory Care Professionals
•        Physical Therapists
•        And all other medical and professional licenses

If you are facing any sort of disciplinary action, talking to an experienced attorney in this
field can help a great deal.  Whether it is a first-time complaint filed against you to
complaints that have actually been filed with the Board and set for a hearing, You can
contact Scott Wallace today for experienced, professional legal service.  

Scott Wallace represents medical and professional licensees in Indiana in all types of
cases.  Typically, cases start with someone filing a complaint with the attorney general’s
office.  The Attorney General’s office reviews the complaint and makes a referral to the
appropriate Board to close or prosecute the complaint.  If the case is prosecuted,
anything could happen from a dismissal to your license being revoked.  See the Indiana
Professional Licensing’s explanation of the
disciplinary process.

Unfortunately, in Indiana we see a large number of complaints with little or no merit to
them.  Often these complaints are little more than simple money disputes or unfortunate
situations that were completely out of the hands of the licensing professional.  It is
important to fight back when you find yourself in one of these circumstances.  I worked
both in the Attorney General’s Medical Licensing Section and the Marion County
Prosecutor’s Office.  This gives me the expertise and trial experience to defend you with
vigor and skill.

Contact me with any questions you have concerning the process.  You can come in and
we will discuss all the options you have.  The consultation is free, and if I you do not think
you need an attorney, I will tell you that.  Below are some links that could aid you in the

Indiana Professional Licensing Agency      Indiana Attorney General
Indiana State Department of Health            License verification
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