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Business Formation and Contract Law

There are a variety of logistical, financial, and legal matters you have to consider with
starting your own business.  Knowing your options and the potential consequences of
your choices is critical.  Contact me if you have any questions about any of these
•        Business Formation
•        Partnership disputes
•        Contract Drafting
•        Contract Disputes
•        Loan agreements
•        General business advice

Business Formation
Are you starting out a new business?  Do you already have an existing business and
are thinking about changing its status?  I can help you achieve these goals.  Small
businesses are the life blood of our economy, and the form of your business is just
about as important as any decision that you make.  Contact me, and we can discuss all
the options that you have.  You need to consider
•        Tax Implications
•        Liability
•        Agreements between all parties
•        As well as a host of other decisions  
I have a developed relationship with accountants, bankers, and various lenders to
assist you in making the right decision.  I will help you decide to be a sole proprietor, a
professional corporation, or anything else.
Now that you have decided the form of your business, allow me to assist you with all the
other details.  I have experience with the multiple small businesses that I have started
myself that are still going strong as well as those I have counseled about avoiding
small business pitfalls.  Understanding how to minimize liabilities and protect your
business requires sound advice from a qualified attorney.    I am available night and day
to meet with you to ensure you understand potential vulnerabilities and the best way to
avoid them.  Contact me to get started right away.

Contract Law
Any small business will deal with many small contracts.  From vendors to customers,
you will likely be in some sort of contract dispute while you are in business.  Allow me to
draft, review, or litigate any contract matters you might have.  I will review simple
contracts or litigate complex contractual disputes.  Contact me to go over any contract
that you have.
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