Real Estate Law

Buying/Selling Real Estate
I represent parties in all types of real estate matters.  This includes both the seller
and buyer in purchasing property.  Allow me to assist you on problems that can
arise during these transactions and how to avoid these problems.
I understand how important the investment in both residential and commercial
real estate is.  Without proper due diligence your business could fail, your house
could be foreclosed, or you might even have to file bankruptcy.  Let me comb
through the details to ensure you are making a wise decision.  Just a few of these
issues include:  
•        Lease Terms
•        Financing Possibilities
•        Risk Analysis
•        Acquisition
•        Closing
Contact me and I will give you a thorough and honest assessment of your

Landlord Tenant Disputes
As an experienced landlord, I understand the problems that can arise between
landlord and tenant.  Be it tenants failing to pay rent or landlords constructively
evicting tenants by failing to provide adequate housing, I will represent your
interests fully.
If you are involved with commercial real estate, I have the expertise to assist you
with the review and negotiation of commercial leases and the purchase
agreements for commercial property for business owners of all sizes.
Contact me with any questions you have regarding leases, evictions, or
compliance with state and federal regulations.
Real Estate Litigation
Let my years of litigation and real estate experience assist you in all your needs.  
Whether you are interested in a civil suit against another, need help in defending
yourself in a civil suit, or need assistance defending your license in an
administrative hearing or open complaint, I have the strength and experience you
Often the only winners in complex litigation matters are the attorneys getting paid.  
Cost-effective negations and alternative dispute resolutions will likely be the best
situation for you.  I will strive to negotiate a successful settlement for you but will
vigorously advocate for you in court if the matter needs to be litigated.
Contact me for a consultation to see what the best course of action for you is.

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